Selina has a special interest and experience with early intervention. Selina has over 15 years experience working in community health and has a deep understanding of delayed speech and language issues. Selina has worked in the United Kingdom and in Australia. She has worked with translators to get a better understanding of the language development of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Selina has facilitated parent training groups for early language development in young children (Hanen It Takes Two to Talk). She also has solid experience in helping preschool children who stutter. She has successfully treated children with speech sound disorders, stuttering, delayed language development, and early primary school language issues.


Dianna has a special interest in preschool and early school age language and literacy. She is well trained in the Lidcombe Program for Stuttering. Dianna is able to assist children who come from a non-English speaking background and is able to understand and speak some Chinese dialects. Dianna has worked mainly in community health settings and has done work at a school-based intervention service. Dianna brings current professional knowledge to the role and an enthusiastic energy to her work and families she supports.