Frequently Asked Questions

What rebates are available?

a) Private Health Insurance

We are registered with all major health funds, and have HICAPS available. Many of our fees can be claimed back through your private health insurance depending on your level of cover. It is recommended that you contact your fund to discuss your current situation.

b) Enhanced Primary Care Program/ Chronic Disease Management Plan

Children with complex and ongoing needs may be eligible for five Medicare funded sessions under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan. This program is only for children who have chronic care needs and is initiated by your General Practitioner. For more information please talk with your GP or visit the website

What Happens During the Initial Assessment?

Depending upon the reason for referral, the Initial Assessment may take anywhere between 45 minutes, up to 3 hours. You will be required to complete a Parent Questionnaire and may be asked to provide copies of reports from other health professionals or teachers. Standardised assessments will also be administered when appropriate.

How do I book my child in for an assessment?

Please feel free to call us on 02 9808 6612 to arrange an assessment for your child. Our friendly staff are willing to help you find a time and availability that best suits your family’s needs.

What happens after the assessment?

After the testing is complete, the speech pathologist will write a detailed report explaining how your child did on each test, what effect this could have on your child’s speech, language and literacy skills and what action is recommended. You should receive this initial assessment report within two weeks of testing. Your speech pathologist will then arrange a time to discuss the report with you. Our speech pathologists are also happy to talk to teachers and other specialists working with your child. Your speech pathologist may recommend that your child have a hearing test, or have further testing with a psychologist, paediatrician or occupational therapist.

How long are therapy sessions?

If therapy is recommended, your speech pathologist will arrange a suitable time. Most children attending therapy at the Clinic attend once a week during the school term. Therapy sessions are usually for one hour, but young children may attend for thirty or forty-five minute sessions. Others attend several times a week, or attend therapy blocks during school holidays.

What's involved in a therapy session?

Therapy is tailored to the needs of each child. The Speech Pathologist, in conjunction with the parent and sometimes the child, will determine the goals and priority for therapy. Our Speech Pathologists can assist children with a range of difficulties, including: articulation, language, literacy, fluency, auditory processing and dyslexia. The Centre’s Speech Pathologists are trained in a range of programs that can effectively assist your child.